For the first time in years I went out on Halloween and got dressed up.  It was so much fun and I forgot how much fun dressing up can be.  I decided to go as the Corpse Bride as I love Tim Burton films and I already had a few of the items I needed to get dressed up.  It also occurred to me while I was practising my make up that I'm being one of the blue ladies that I paint in my art.  I've been drawing and painting blue ladies for about 20 years and although they are explicitly self portraits there's a lot of me in them, especially my mood and my depression, so it was kind of odd to be a blue lady for real.

Here's my make up from the night.  It's not a great picture as it was taken with my phone but I'm pretty pleased with how
it all looked.

The make up was really fun to do and I'm really pleased with how it looked.  I used a couple of tutorials I found online to get the eye make up right and change the shape of my face and neck.  I just need to clean my make up brushes as they still have tons of blue on them.