I've been trying to work on as many of my goals for this year.  I'm reading more again and trying to do something creative every day.  This means I've finally finished a couple of paintings.  Here's the first one.

The main bit that needed finishing was the background and tidying up her hair and top.  I'm really pleased with how it's come out and pleased to have something finished.  I've got a terrible habit of starting paintings and then getting distracted and starting something else.  It's called 'Feeling Blue' and will be added to my shop at some point when I can decide what price to put on it.  I will also add it to my big cartel shop, which I set up ages ago for my art and then forgot about :/

I've also finished the painting I was working on recently.  The weather was a bit meh today so I had problems getting any decent pics as I kept getting reflections as I had to light it artificially.  I'll try and get some better ones at the weekend. This one is called 'Calling All Stations'.