I've been seeing pics of the contents of peoples handbags around the web for a while now but never got round to doing it myself.  It was probably partly due to the sheer amount of shit I carry round with me on a daily basis and the thought of sharing that with the world.  I decided I would brave it and see exactly how much crap had accumulated in my bag and was pleasantly surprised.  Judging by the weight of my bag you would expect there to be a couple of dead bodies and at least one kitchen sink, but rather pleasingly, there were none! 

Here's what I had stashed away: -  The Assorted Shit that Travels Around with me in my Handbag

Clockwise from top left:- umbrella, stone and worry beads, 4 week bus ticket in pass holder, tissues, hand sanitiser, volterol for knees, water, make up bag with mini make up in for emergencies, comb with hair bobble round handle, purse, work and home keys, vampire personal fan, ipod, headphones, mini speaker, inhaler, headache pills, phone, bat medication case, mints and throat sweets, 2 x pens, hand cream and hat.  I also normally have a scarf and gloves but it had been really cold that day so they were hanging up with my coat.  

I was quite impressed that most things have a purpose for being there.  The stone and worry beads help me when I'm anxious and the fan is very handy for when I'm overheating, stressed or feeling squiffy.  I also have travel sickness bands that I keep in the front pouch of my bag.