I was reading through the list of blogs I follow and spotted this on the Talk2TheTrees blog and thought it was right up my street.  Rachael from Talk2Trees has signed up to the pledge to create her art and designs with as much care to the environment and humankind as possible.  The pledge is called Create with Care and by signing up you are saying that you will aim to create using renewable, recycled, fair trade, organic material.  You pledge to educate yourself on environmental issues and spread the word and encourage others to do the same.  

I've always believed in being as kind to the planet and my fellow human and animal as possible.  I'm also a great believer in reusing what would normally be thrown away.  I get most of my crafting and art materials from charity shops.  Unfortunately it means I buy far more than I need as whenever I see something that has potential for reworking I think I'd better snap it up as it might not be there tomorrow.  I especially love the charity shops that resemble jumble sales as there's normally stacks of craft supplies in the form of broken jewellery, fabric, wool scraps, felt scraps, zips, buttons and stamps.  The area that I struggle to stay green on is art supplies.  Because you can often pick them up so cheaply in £1/99p shops or other discount shops I rarely look any further.  I'd also like to make better use of my local scrap banks.  These are places where you can register for a minimal fee and then just forage through the donated materials at no extra cost.  I know we have one in Watford and one in Welwyn Garden City but I haven't really made much use of either.  

Here's some of my past finds which I've found either at my local scrap banks and charity shops.

  Todays Charity Shop Finds :) The contents of the jar :)
 75p for all these beads and charms :) 75p for all these beads and charms :)