I'm relieved to say that I seem to finally be getting over a really bad case of Crafters Block.  I haven't felt this uninspired and meh about crafting for years and it lasted a good few months, so I am pleased to finally be seeing the back of it.  This means I have a new project \o/ and lots of ideas for other ones \o/ \o/

I've been eyeing up some of the cute onsies that have been gracing the web and decided I was going to create myself some comfy pjs for lounging round the flat.  If they come out okay I'm hoping to be able to take them camping too. It can get really cold at night, even in the summer.  I bought the fleece at the weekend and I'm making red fleece bottoms, (which are nearly finished) and a brown, fleece, hooded top.  I need to buy a tiny bit more fleece for the hood but have cut out the pattern for the top.  I'm stitching it all by hand, using a lot of blanket stitch on the seams in multi coloured threads.  They're probably not to everyone's taste, but I'm pretty chuffed with how they're coming out :)

I've also been getting some ideas for crocheting too and want to try and crochet myself a patchwork blanket.  I figure it will use up some of my wool stash and if I aim to do a square a night it should be achievable.  I've also been reading loads on creating your own beauty products and fancy giving this a try too.  I'd also like to get back into to doing a bit more cooking so watch this space :)  Piccies to come.