I've been a dreadful blogger of late so my recent posts have been a bit sporadic.  I've been really meh recently and really uninspired.  I just seem to have it a creative block that I can't shift.  

I did the Craft fair a couple of weeks ago, but that didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  I had a bit of a think and think there are a few factors at work.  The layout of the venue was a little odd.  Rather than arrange people round the outside of the hall facing out, maybe with a few stalls in the middle, we were all arranged in rows all facing forward.  It wasn't too bad if you were near the front, but I was second from the back.  I also didn't twig the impact of this until mid way through the day when I went in search of cake and coffee.  I realise the view everyone was seeing as they got near my stall was side on and the corner that was the most likely to catch peoples attention didn't have my most saleable items on it.  

I re-jigged things and had a few more views and some business cards were taken, but still very little action on the sales front.  I think I need more raised surfaces for showing off my items too.  The stall in front was getting some nibbles from shoppers and they had lots of raised selling space which looked really attractive.  

Here's how I had my stall after my re-jig.  The end corner was the bit facing outwards into the room so that's why most of my items are on that end.


I also think I need to have a think about what I'm selling.  I had a chat with the organiser and a few stall holders and jewellery apparently wasn't selling.  People seemed to be going for the Christmas decorations, cakes and more unusual gift items.  I've been working on some ideas for some Christmas decorations so I will make sure I have those at the next fair in December.  

I also found that people weren't interested at all in my necklaces and the stand for them was bulky and tricky to transport, so they won't be coming with me in December.  

On the positive side though, I met lots of lovely people, bought myself a cool winter hat and have come away with some feedback and ideas for future events.  Fingers crossed I'll have more luck next time.