I've been a bit lacking in inspiration with regards to blog posting recently so I've been making the most of the themed post homeworks set by my fellow bloggers.  Todays blog post idea comes via CorpGoth and the theme is how you style your hair for work days. 

Being self employed gives me a bit more freedom around how I look, what I wear and how I do my hair. If I'm going out to see a client or attending a meeting then I tend to wear my hair up in either a ponytail or a bun.  That way it doesn't get blown all over the place and I feel a bit tidier.   I also tend to wear my hair up in the summer as it's cooler. Today I've been working from home so I've just had my hair down. 

Excuse the slightly glazed look in my eyes.  I was trying really hard not to pull my usual concentrating face, where I suck my lips in, and it's left me looking a bit stunned.  I don't generally share pics of me as I'm not terrifically confident in how I look.  I still imagine myself looking like I did when I was a few stone lighter so seeing pics of myself always leaves me feeling a bit meh and disappointed.  I am working hard to challenge this and bit a little more forgiving with myself.  I'm doing what I can to get myself down to a healthier weight but it will take time so I need to be patient.

Over the years I've had my hair every shade of red, burgundy, navy blue, shaved at the sides and even had a streak down the front, a la Dave Vanian ;)  Strangely for me I hadn't had black hair until a couple of years ago.  I'd had 3 really nasty chest infections one after another and felt like a change.  Dying my hair with a dodgy chest wasn't the best plan in the world as the fumes set my cough off, but I was very happy with the results so it was worth it.  I usually cut and colour my own hair as it's much cheaper and less stressful than getting someone else to do it and I really like how it comes out when I do it myself.  I also can't bear going to the hairdressers.  They invariably do stuff to my hair that I don't like and I always feel like I'm under the microscope when I'm sat in their chair and always leave feeling a bit judged.

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