Yesterday was the day of the Creative Arts Christmas Craft Fair at Verulam School in St Albans.  It was my first ever Craft Fair so the day was an experience.  Unfortunately I didn't sell very much stock but I still feel I learnt a lot from the day.  Also, from speaking with other stall holders, no one was selling much.  On the plus side though, I had lots of positive feedback and I learnt some things about selling in person.  I think I need to be more confident about my stock and ready to make chitchat with any potential customers.  I also need to be a more assertive and give out my business cards.  

Here's how my stall looked on the day.  I was quite pleased with the look.  Black makes a good background for my jewellery and accessories.  Looking at the pics now though, I think I could do with purchasing a model for displaying one or two of my favourite necklaces as I don't think the stand showed them off that well.

I also found that I had a whole load of stock that I hadn't photographed or added online so I know that more photos are needed.  I took some today of a monochrome necklace I made earlier in the year.  I also had an experiment with some close up shots.

Anyway, overall I still feel the day was a good experience.  I was able to pick up a few goodies from others stalls, including a some very yummy cupcakes and I learnt plenty that I will take to the next Craft Fair I do.