I had a lovely chilled out Christmas with Pat and the two cats we are cat sitting.  I got some amazing pressies including some lovely art supplies.  When I opened the paints last night it was like opening a box of posh chocolates.  There were so many beautiful colours and they were all in layers like a chocolate box :)  We had a very tasty vegi lunch of roast winter veg (potatoes, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms and sweet potatoes) with Yorkshire puddings and gravy.  It was yummy and had tons of veg left over to make into a veg stew which we've eaten over the next couple of days. 

On Boxing day we went for a lovely walk around the woods in Ashridge, which is over near Berkhamstead and Hemel.  We managed to have a nice walk and get back to the car before the rain started.  It was really muddy so I'm glad I had my DMs on.

Yesterday I christened my new paints and paintbrushes and painted this pic.  I'm really happy with how it came out and it may end up in my shop at some point. The pic is only taken with my ipod so it's a little blurred.  Hopefully they'll be some nice light tomorrow and I can take a better pic.