Well it's been a bit of a busy few months.  I'm still working on being largely self employed working as a Life Skills Coach and although it's tough going I still love it and don't regret taking voluntary redundancy.  I think if I'd stayed I'd have been so stressed and that wouldn't have done my mental health much good.  I'm still getting some benefits plus I'm doing some casual hours for the NHS on their mental health Service User Council. It's challenging as I'm sitting in meetings with top execs from the local NHS but I'm really enjoying it. 

In an attempt to keep myself from overspending I'm going to be mostly making my Christmas pressies this year.  I've done this in part most years but this year my handmade gifts will be the big part of the pressies and anything bought will be supplementary rather than the main gift.  I've been getting loads of ideas of pinterest and have a secret board dedicated to present ideas.  I've made a few bits so far and have one of the main ones well under way.  I just need to come up with some more ideas for gifts I can make the men in the family. 

I've also been doing some voluntary work and today I had my volunteer induction for our local RSPCA, so I will now be able to volunteer in the cattery.  We had a walk round the cattery at the end of the induction and it was a real squeee fest, especially when I saw some of the kittens.  I think it's going to be a great way to keep my stress levels down.  Stroking cats has always been incredibly therapeutic so I can't wait to get started.  I was also really relieved to learn that they don't put healthy cats to sleep.  Even the older cats and ones with terminal conditions usually get fostered out.  The staff were also really nice and seemed totally dedicated to making the animals life as good as it can possibly be.  All the cats were in individual, little rooms with access to an outdoor area which they share with the cats in the room next door.  Each little room had a place to hide, a comfy bed and toys plus food and water and the little tray lived in the outside area so their rooms don't smell.  Expect pics when I next visit :)