Hotel le chat has been open for business again and we have 2 different cats staying with us :)  They are a little older than our usuals and are here to stay a for a longer spell, probably a few months while their new owner moves home.  They originally belonged to a friend of a friend who died suddenly and were staying with a relative.  They weren't really cat people and had dogs so it was a bit stressful for all concerned, so we have them both to stay with us. 

They are Bandy and Mouse.  They are both 11 and sisters.  They have been with us a week already and have settled in really well.  Bandy, the more confident of the two, looked settled within an hour of being with us :)  Mouse took a couple of days to come out of hiding, but she's now chilling on the sofa contentedly.  

Bandy is a little trickier to get a pic of as she's so sociable and will come over to greet you as soon as you look her way.  Here's on I got of her using their scratching post.

I've also been crocheting today with some very cool, bright pink wool I picked up from the Pound shop.  I'm having a go at making myself a hat and its coming along nicely :)  I haven't done any crocheting for a while so it's nice to be back doing some.  I may even crochet some Christmas pressies this year.