We got back Friday from a lovely week camping in Wales.  We stayed at the Ynysfaen site in Trecastle, just outside Brecon and had a wonderful time.  The weather was a bit iffy in places, but it didn't stop us getting out and about and enjoying ourselves.

We arrived on the Monday so we had a pretty chilled out day that day, just unpacking and setting up the tent and picking up supplies from Breccon.  On the Tuesday we went to Tretower Court and Castle.  It was an amazing site where the house has been done up to look like it would have in the 15th Century.  

On the Wednesday we had beautiful sunshine so we thought we'd take a trip out to Hay on Wye and do a spot of bookshopping :)  The place is choc-a-block full of bookshops and we both came home with bags bulging :)  I was pretty restrained and only got 3 - another Wilkie Collins novel, The Haunted Hotel and Other Stories, a book on Marlon Brando and the Te of Piglet :)  

On the Thursday we drove over to Llanthony Priory.  After a really bright start the day turned a bit soggy so we didn't spend as long there as we planned.  We did however get to watch a family of birds have a spot of lunch. They had made a nest in the verandah at the front of the pub and mummy/daddy bird were flying back and forth ferrying food to the tweeting little ones.  They were making one hell of a tweety racket but it was very cool to watch up close :) You can just about make them out in the third pic in the middle of the beam.



We headed back Friday, as the site had got a little waterlogged from the heavy rain Wednesday and Thursday night.  It was a lovely trip away though and I feel wonderfully well rested.  I also done loads of reading and a little painting :)  I finally finished The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and have started a book of short stories by H P Lovecraft and The Phantom of the Opera on my DS.