I've been busy beavering away on my shiny new website and listing stock - check the tabs for a peak of all the goodies I've listed so far :).  I have also made the decision to close my shop on Folksy as my heart just hasn't been in it since they made all the changes to their definition of handmade.  Also, the thought of making a sale and giving even a tiny part to them as commission was also leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.  

I'm loving the freedom of having my own site.  It took me a few days to get my head around the fact I could list whatever I liked :) I'm also considering moving my blog over to the site.  What you you folks think?  I hope you would all come and visit and follow me in my new home :)  If I know you're coming I'll bung the kettle on and even rustle up some cyber-biscuits ;)

I've also been enjoying getting to know the other ladies (and gentleman) from Shhim.  Mrs Diddybears has done an absolutely fab job on the site and is currently working on a Christmas showcase!  I can't wait.  I do owe her a huge debt of gratitude.  Not just for all the hard work she has done with the Shhim site, (which is currently doing in her own time and for no fees!) but also for being the catalysis in getting my arse in gear with the website.  I think its one of the best things I've done and its really inspired me to get creating.  Thank you Mrs D and also the other Shhim ladies :)

If you need a little bit of cuteness you should pop on over to her shop and check out her Diddybears.  They are utterly adorable.  Everyone is different and they come with their own birth certificate.  My favourite bit is the description on the about page :)