My health has been a bit meh the last couple of weeks so I've been keeping myself busy crafting, gardening and stroking cats :)  First up, I got a parcel in the post Thursday from my swap partner, Mary.  We were both taking part in a Candy Swap on Cut Out & Keep and she thoroughly spoilt me with some lovely sweets from Italy :)  Here's what I got.

In amongst all the lovely chocolate was these really beautiful earrings in the shape of spirals.  They're really pretty and very me :)

I've also been planting stuff for our balcony garden and doing some weeding down the allotment.  I've been feeling really dizzy and horrible so I've been having to do bits in small chunks and then having a sit.  It's gradually getting there though.  We have anemones planted on the balcony.  Anemones are my favourite flowers so I'm really looking forward to them coming up.  

It will probably come as no surprise to those of you who know me, but I also had a little furry visitor while down the plot.  I went for a lap around the site trying to find her (I think) and no joy at all so I got back to work.  As I was packing up to go home I heard this little meow \o/ She came trotting over and jumped straight up on my lap.  I tried to take a pic of her on my lap but ended up taking a pic of her nose as she was feeling very silly and head butting my hand every time I held my camera out :)  Here's one of her spotting some birds and checking on the catnip.  I don't know how long the catnip will last as she likes to chew on it but I don't really mind.