As of yesterday Bat Fit has kicked off for another year.  The theme for this year is nourishment which for me means getting a tasty, balanced diet with more fruit and veg and more cooking from scratch rather than relying on processed, quick foods.  Also for me that will mean less fatty snacks and less sugary sweets.  These have crept into my diet over the Christmas break so I need to start to curb these a little before they become regular features of my diet.  A little now and again is fine but I don't want to be snacking on this kind of thing every night.  I worked hard to loose the stone and a little has crept back on over the winter so I want to get a bit more proactive about living a little bit healthier.

My Bat Fit Goals for 2015

* Maintain weight loss and continue to loose another 3 stone.
* Eat some fruit and veg every day.
* Get back to doing some yoga 5 nights a week - this really helps with my anxiety and hip, back and shoulder pain.
* Get back into a routine with meditation - do a minimum of 10 minutes a day.
* Reduce processed foods and aim to cook 5 nights of the week.
* Get more fresh air, sunlight and exercise - it really helps my mental health and manage stress levels but has dropped off over the last few months due to finances.  I need to break the habit of associating going out with buying stuff and just start going out for the pleasure of being outside.
* Start earning a wage from my business so that I don't need to rely on benefits to pay rent.  One of the things I love about being self employed is not having to explain when I don't feel good or need a break.  I worked with an extremely supportive team in my last job and they were very accommodating of my mental health but I still felt stressed if I wasn't performing as well as I felt I should and time off sick was always a stress, especially if it was due to my mental health.  It never felt like it was enough of a reason to miss work but on the other hand, working in mental health, it never felt right to be at work when I wasn't functioning myself.  My clients were a sensitive bunch and even if I felt I was hiding it I think some still sensed something was not quite right.  Also trying to hide a tremor and tic were exhausting.  I always felt like I was radiating mental ill health when both of these were bad.
* Do something creative every day - either some painting, sketching, jewellery making or sewing.  Creating really helps my stress levels and allows me to work through stuff in my head without getting overwhelmed.

On that final note I have got Pat to take some better photos of some of my art.  Here's the one I showed you a few days ago that I finished just before the New Year.  I'm so proud of how it's come out and it's probably my favourite painting so far.  It only took a couple of days to do and is about A3 on canvas board.  No glitter but some metallic gold paint in the background. I'm not sure what to call it yet, I may still with the working title of 'Red Hair' but this could change if something else pops into my head that seems to fit it better.

Pat also got a better photo of one of my older paintings, Calling All Stations.  It's been a real bugger to photograph because of the coat of varnish I gave it to protect the collaged parts.