This year in my attempts to get a bit healthier I have signed myself up to the Bat Fit 2014 challenge (click on the icon above or in the slide bar for more info).  

The theme this year is Detoxifying so I've decided to revisit my goals for this year and focus on the health related ones.

1.  Lose Weight
Well, my biggy for this year is to lose some weight.  I'd ideally like to get back to 10 stone but I don't think I can realistically do that by the end of the year.  I will however move significantly closer and try and get back to a size 12.  

2. Maintain a Healthy Mind & Body
I also intend to keep meditating daily.  I currently use the daily mindful meditations on Get Some Headspace.  I've been meditating every day since about March time and find it incredibly helpful and I find being signed up to something really motivating.  Once I shift this chest infection I also want to get back into doing some yoga every week.  I used to love yoga years ago and it really helps me manage my physical and mental health problems.  

3.  Eat Better
I'd like to get into the habit of bringing in my own lunch to work.  I would like to start with the goal of bringing it in once a week.  Hopefully this will also save me a bit of money too, so that should act as an extra motivation.  I'd also like to eat more fruit and eat some fruit every day.  

4. Cut Out Sugar
This is very much in keeping with the Bat Fit theme this year.  I've got a terribly, sweet tooth so this is going to be tough, but I figure it will make achieving the other goals much easier.  Too many sweets also sets my IBS off so that ought to act as an extra motivator. To help me I use an ap for my ipod call Rise Up, designed by Recovery Warriors.  It's designed for people who are emotional eaters or have eating disorders. I'm most definitely an emotional eater and have been finding this ap really helpful as it helps me listen to my mind and body and decide whether I'm hungry or just feeling meh.