I've been using a art journal prompt to give me some new ideas and so far I've been really enjoying it.  I've been keeping it since the beginning of the month and although I'm not happy with everything I'm working hard to just create and not edit my ideas.  I know that the inner perfectionist can be my biggest enemy when it comes to creating something new and I don't play around with ideas and have fun.  Usually if I like something I'll work like mad and finish it or I'll run out of steam and it will get left and forgotten about.

Here's a few of the pages for this month:

One of the days tasks was to decorate my journal so here's my front cover.  I deliberately brought and very plain and simple pad to work in as I didn't want to get hung up on having a special pad that I only use for special stuff.  I've bought some beautiful art pads in the past that I've struggled to fill.  I think the blank page is all the more intimidating when it feels extra special.

This little sketch was inspired by Halloween (my favourite time of the year) and the subject of folk art.  I love Halloween folk art and used to have a couple of fabulous mugs with witches on and they formed the inspiration for this.

The theme of this day was 'sacred art' and the suggestion was to design some sacred inspired art that reflects your own interests and likes.  I've gone with a stained glass themed design with two cats, a bat, an ankh and a spiral and they are all things that I love.  I'd like to use this design and turn it into something fabric based, not quite sure yet.

The theme for this day was 'Graveyard Symbolism' and centred around the symbolism in the art on gravestones.  The idea was to personalise the theme and use symbols that have meaning to you.  I've just started counselling so a tree seemed fitting as it feels like I'm doing some growing, pruning and uprooting.  The blue face is a theme that goes appears in a lot of my work and I love painting portraits in blue.  I started when I was doing my A-levels and have been painting blue images for about 20 years.

I shall keep going with the diary and hope to share a few more pics next month.  It's my birthday next month so I need to have a look through the goals I set myself for last year and come up with some new ones to replace the completed ones.  It's also Halloween next month and for the first time in years I have plans.  One of our favourite local bands is headlining a Halloween night at the Trestle and I'm planning on dressing up.