Well finances continue to be very tight at present so if I want something I'm making it where possible.  I've made all of my family Christmas presents this year so I hope they like them.  I've also been drawing and painting more.  I was watching Tim Burtons Frankenweiner the other week and came up with this very Tim Burton-esk tree pic.  This one is done in a mix of mediums, fine nibbed pens, watercolour pencils. glitter and black sharpie.  It was a bit of a doodle but I'm really pleased with how it came out.

The other pic I've done was when I was having a play around with oil pastels.  I've never really used them before so this was a real experiment.  I was feeling a bit meh about money and life in general so it's pretty dark.  It's meant to be a women drowning.  It's an odd medium to work with but it was incredibly therapeutic, a bit like scribbling with wax crayons but more grown up :)

I will post some pics of some of my creations later on but don't want to spoil any surprises just in case family read my blog.  I also want to get back to blogging a bit more as it really helps keep a bit of balance and keep up my creative hobbies.  I've had a few issues uploading pics from my camera so these pics were taken on my ipod.  I figured blog posts are better with pics so slightly iffy quality pics were better than none.