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Art in Action

Posted by Kat C on Sunday, July 21, 2013, In : Out & About 
Yesterday we took a trip out to Oxfordshire to the four day arts and crafts event called Art in Action.  It was an amazing day and the weather was glorious.  There was every kind of art/craft you could imagine including music, ceramics, glass blowing, sculpture, jewellery making, decoupage, paintings, marbling and so much more.  

I especially loved the work by sculpture, Rachel Ducker.  She did the most amazing figures made from wire and they made me think of wickerwork or something similar.  ...
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Summer Hols

Posted by Kat C on Saturday, July 6, 2013, In : Out & About 
I've just got back from a very enjoyable week cat sitting for a friend up in Cheshire. It was a lovely week, slightly iffy weather to start with but it soon perked up :)  Bob the cat acted as a fine host too.  He treated us to the full array of mews, meows, yodels and other assorted noises from his wide repertoire.  He's an older cat than the two we usually cat sit but he was adorable.  So friendly and purry, and slept curled up between us every night.

We had a pretty chilled out week with so...
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