Todays blog post takes it's inspiration from Holly over at Hollys Horrorland. The idea is that everyone participating will post a vampire themed blog post on the 14th February.  This is the first year I've participated, I've meant to do it in the past but always end up forgetting as the day gets close.  This year I put it in my calendar.

I thought for my post I would include a mix of all things vampire related.  One of my favourite books ever is Dracula and I've read it twice, once at school as part of my GCSE English Literature open study coursework and then again at uni.  I've also listened to it recently over at Librivox and that was amazing.  If you haven't visited the site it's well worth a click.  They have audio recordings of 1000s of books in the public domain and there are loads of gothic, turn of the century literature.  The best bit is everything on the site is totally free and they have a free app, which I use so I can play books while I have my nightly bath.  Dracula was a dramatic reading and the actors reading each of the diaries did an amazing job (Francis Ford Copolla take note).  In spite of having read the book twice before I didn't want the audio version to end. 

It was also interesting to revisit it as an adult working in mental health and I was really touched by the treatment of Renfield.  In spite of the limited knowledge of psychiatric medicine and disorders the kindness and compassion shown by Van Helsing and Dr Seward was truly moving.  Although some practices, such as the use of straitjackets would seem barbaric now, they seem well intentioned, in Bram Stokers account at least. 

Next onto some vampirey music ^V^. 

First some Bauhaus and 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'.

Next, some Adam Ant and his track 'Vampires' from his Wonderful album.  This was recorded at a live show at the end of last year.  I've just finished his autobiography so I've been listening to a fair bit of his music recently and really like this song.  

His autobiography was a fascinating and inspiring read and considering this was filmed at the end of last year, he's looking pretty good, especially given that he's 60 now. 

Finally, a bit of Evanescence and 'My Immortal'.  I'm not sure she's singing about vampires but I love Amy Lees voice and this is beautiful.


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