Well it's been a bit of a while since I've blogged.  I think when it goes more than a few weeks I start to feel the pressure to post something extra amazing to make up for the gap :/ Well it's my 40th Birthday today so that's given me the necessary prod to blog.

Well like my post last year I have decided to do an update on my 39 before 40 list of goals for the next year.

Here's what I had for last years goals with updates:

1. Loose weight - ideally get back to 10 stone - I've been losing weight and have lost 1 stone, still a little way to go till my goal but at least I'm heading in the right direction.
2. Sell some of my artwork - not yet but have some for sale in my shop (plug, plug) 
3. Find a way of having a permanent furry house guest - i.e. a cat  - not yet, largely due to finances 
4. Do something creative every day  - not really achieved this so will carry this over for this year
5. Make some my own clothes and wear them in public - worn a crocheted hat I made in public and had compliments :)  Also wear the sleepsuits at night (but not in public as that would be a bit odd!).
6. Enter some of my artwork into an exhibition - not yet but building up to this
7. Sell more jewellery online - yes doing well with A Little Bit Goth 
8. Have a successful stall at a craft fair - i.e. at least break even and ideally make a profit - no fairs this year
9. Don't eat sweets before bed - yes doing pretty well on this - also moved my late night snack into the living room so I don't associate bed with food.
10. Read at least 24 books - don't think I've reached this target but I've definitely got back into reading again and have started listening to audiobooks while I have my nightly bath - listening to Dracula at the mo via libravox and thoroughly enjoying it, I'd forgotten how good it was as I haven't read it since uni.
11. Pick/bite fingers less - mmm, this goes through phases so sometimes I'm really good and others less so.
12. Increase my income so that I can get saving again - well I was made redundant from my job earlier in the year and I'm now self employed so that's not really happening at the mo but I'm definitely happier for the change and loving the challenge.
13. Learn a new skill - I've been really enjoying needle felting and have learnt to make dream catchers too :)
14. Make a will - no, must do this this year.
15. See family more - due to finances this hasn't quite happened by did have a lovely time seeing family when they came to visit.
16. Reduce medication and stay well - yes! I'm not taking anything for my physical health and have cut out one of my psychiatric medications \o/ 
17. Continue to meditate daily - had a bit of a blip of about a month but other than that I have been doing this.
18. Learn to appreciate photos of myself - getting there - having lost a stone I'm starting to recognise myself again so that's a good start.
19. Take more photos - I used to take loads but have kind of lost my mojo - doh, just keep forgetting.  Even got an instagram account too and I still keep forgetting.
20. Grow herb garden - No not yet
21. Make some of my own toiletries - yep make my own deodorant and perfume sticks, tried shampoo but a bit of an epic fail so back to using Lush shampoo bars but okay with that as their green and not tested on animals.
22. Try out needle felting - yep and loving it - extremely therapeutic stabbing at wool with a long needle :)
23. Join British Humanist Society - no not yet but this is mainly down to finances
24. Go to next years Art in Action - yep
25. Try out pink hair - not yet
26. Master the art of putting on a wig - I have a navy blue one but I'm not confident enough to wear it - no 
27. Wear more hats - yes 
28. Wear more skirts and dresses - yes 
29. Tidy my craft desk at least once a month - yes
30. Do yoga every week - oops need to get back to this.
31. Learn british sign language - doing this and about a third of the way through the course.
32. Try making some resin jewellery - not yet but have tried to pick up the stuff to try this but hobbycraft were sold out of the kit I wanted.
33. Start going to the mid week matinees on my day off - no keep forgetting so will have to put a reminder in my phone. 
34. Eat more fruit - yes and really loving pomegranate at the mo 
35. Stop using the snooze button on my alarm clock - I've got much better since I've become self employed
36. Eat breakfast every day - don't think coffee counts so need to work on this one.
37. Bring lunch into work at least once a week - working from home I've definitely been doing this.
38. Wear make up again as I used to enjoy getting dressed up - don't wear it every day but wear it when I go out or do anything relating to my business.
39. Explore more and visit new places - not as much as I'd like but had a lovely outing to Berkhamsted a few weeks back - great craft shop :)

Not great but I acheived 18 of these 39 goals which I'm actually quite pleased with.  It's been a bit of a challenging year of losing my job and Pat losing one of his so finances have been the main reason I haven't achieved more of these.  If I carry the ones yet to be acheived over then I just need to add 19 more so that it's 40 goals before 41.

1. Get business off the ground so that I'm earning an income from it and not needing any benefits to pay my rent
2. Get back into blogging weekly - I blog weekly for my business blog but have totally lost my mojo with my personal one (i.e. this one).
3. Create one item for my shop a week 
4. Volunteer at local RSPCA so I get my cat fix 
5. Attend more networking events for my business 
6. Continue as Deputy Chair for my local Service User Council and have a go at chairing a meeting
7. Continue to be honest (where appropriate) about my own mental health and mental health issues - I've been really enjoying just being me and not me the professional and me the mental health client.  It felt a bit like I was leading a double life and it was necessary for my work and still is to a large degree but I want to be keeping that boundary purely for boundaries sake and not out of shame or lack of confidence in my skills as a professional.
8. To cook more meals from scrap and do some more baking.
9. Wear the Infinity Dress I made myself out in public - needs some modification as the waist is way to big but that should be easy enough.
10. Do more socialising with friends and go out with Pat to the pub more (maybe once a month).
11. Keep going to the live music events at the Trestle as I really enjoy them.
12. Paint or sketch at least weekly if not daily.
13. Continue to meditate daily as this really helps with my head.
14. Find some new ways to reward and comfort myself that aren't food based.
15. Run a training course through my business - thinking about doing a 6 week Life Skills course but haven't done anything concrete other than plan course material.
16. Make this years Christmas cards 
17. Make 50% of my Christmas pressies this year - it will save me money but more importantly it means I'll be giving something more personal and individual.
18. Start inviting friends round to flat - this tends to make me anxious as I like to be in control of social activities but I really want to get over that.  It will also help me to keep the flat looking nice.
19. Don't buy any craft materials for the next 6 months and actually use what I have rather than keep buying more stuff.

Phew, finally done my first blog post in over 3 months.  A bit of a mammoth one but hopefully it will get me back into the routine so I do more.