Yesterday was my 39th birthday so I thought I'd try something a little different. I've seen this idea on a few blogs and thought I'd give it a whirl.  These are my 39 goals for the coming year.

1. Loose weight - ideally get back to 10 stone 
2. Sell some of my artwork
3. Find a way of having a permanent furry house guest - i.e. a cat
4. Do something creative every day
5. Make some my own clothes and wear them in public
6. Enter some of my artwork into an exhibition
7. Sell more jewellery online 
8. Have a successful stall at a craft fair - i.e. at least break even and ideally make a profit
9. Don't eat sweets before bed
10. Read at least 24 books 
11. Pick/bite fingers less
12. Increase my income so that I can get saving again
13. Learn a new skill
14. Make a will
15. See family more
16. Reduce medication and stay well 
17. Continue to meditate daily
18. Learn to appreciate photos of myself 
19. Take more photos - I used to take loads but have kind of lost my mojo
20. Grow herb garden
21. Make some of my own toiletries 
22. Try out needle felting
23. Join British Humanist Society
24. Go to next years Art in Action 
25. Try out pink hair
26. Master the art of putting on a wig - I have a navy blue one but I'm not confident enough to wear it 
27. Wear more hats
28. Wear more skirts and dresses
29. Tidy my craft desk at least once a month
30. Do yoga every week
31. Learn british sign language
32. Try making some resin jewellery
33. Start going to the mid week matinees on my day off 
34. Eat more fruit 
35. Stop using the snooze button on my alarm clock
36. Eat breakfast every day
37. Bring lunch into work at least once a week
38. Wear make up again as I used to enjoy getting dressed up 
39. Explore more and visit new places