Being the crazy bat lady that I am I thought it only right that I give a bit of promotion to World Goth Day.  Its a day to celebrate the Goth subculture.  I might have to scale down my efforts slightly due to the fact that it's also the day for local elections and I'm going to be sitting outside my local poling station as a Green Party member.  My stint starts at 7am so I'm not going to be faffing round with make up at 6.30am! I shall do my best to dress in a way that celebrates the day without scaring potential voters (either that or I'll wear whatever falls out of my wardrobe first and then get changed after I've finished my morning shift).

Here's the trailer for the event and feel free to click the link on right hand side of my page. 

I shall be having a promotion code for my Etsy shop (A Little Bit Goth) and will try do a special post on the day sharing some of my favourite music.  Expect plenty of 80s and 90s goth/punk/new wave :)