As promised, my special World Goth Day post so I thought I'd share some music from some of my favourite bands.

First up it has to be The Godfather of Goth himself.  I've loved Bauhaus since my teens and saw Peter Murphy live a few years back and he is by far the most entertaining band/musician I have ever seen live.  He was on stage for a good couple of hours, he was very witty and very human and played new stuff, old stuff, Bauhaus stuff and chatted to the audience.  I even got a handshake :)

Next, another favourite, Corpus Delicti.  Couldn't find a video for this track so it's just audio only.  It takes a little while to get going as it has quite a long intro but it's still one of my favourites of there's.

What goth post would be complete without some Sisters of Mercy.  Here's my favourite Sisters song and it's off 'First and Last and Always'.  I love the lyrics and think they're so romantic.  Obviously now I've posted a video with the lyrics I'll probably realise Mr Eldridge is saying something totally different to what I thought he was saying.

On the subject of slushy, romantic goth music, here's one of my all time favourite songs.  'Pictures of You' by the Cure.  It's odd but I'm not a big Cure fan.  I love the best of album I have but it's only one of theirs that I listen to regularly.  Maybe I'll give then another go at some point.

Another band I've loved for donkeys years, Depeche Mode and a lovely version of 'Waiting for the Night'.  I love the sound of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore singing together.  The clarity of tone in their voices and the way they compliment each other perfectly and makes me feel tingly when I'm listening to them.

And for something a bit more recent.  Fear Cults cover of Blurs' 'Girls and Boys'. 

A final nod to the Godfather himself and here's my favourite Peter Murphy song.

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